Tilcareña Spring
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On Padilla Street between Ambrosetti and Sarmiento
On the road to Pucará
Were are we?

On Padilla Street 731 between Ambrosetti and Sarmiento, Pueblo Nuevo, Tilcara.
Strategically located on the road that leads to arqueological site "Pucara" (ancient fortress of native towns), only 4 blocks away from the bus terminal and 5 blocks from the town center.


30 minutes from Purmamarca, road to Salinas Grandes, 1 hour from Humahuaca, 3 and a half hours from La Quiaca / Villazón(Bolivia), you can enjoy the surrounding tourist atractions from our hostal in Tilcara.
Tilcara, arqueological capital of Jujuy province, Pucara fortress, Garganta del diablo, Caves, Waterfalls, Lakes, Museums, Peñas, we invite you to discover our natural and cultural wonders

Getting there:

By Air:
1) From International Airport "Horacio Guzmán" also called "Cadillal" (Jujuy Province). From the airport, a long distance remise service is provided. Distance to Tilcara: 122km.
2) From International Airport "Martín Miguel de Güemes" (Salta Province) The airport is 7km southeast from Salta's center. Direct bus services are provided to Tilcara (Balut and Flecha Bus). Distance to Tilcara: 204km

By Land
Route 9 joins Capital Federal with La Quiaca, passing by cities like Rosario, Córdoba, Tucumán, Salta, San Salvador, Tilcara and Humahuaca. Route 34 starts at Rosario city, passing by Santiago del Estero, Tucumáan, Gral. Güemes (Salta), San Pedro de Jujuy, Ldor. Gral. San Martín, ending at Prof. Salvador Mazza (Salta).
Distances from Tilcara: 84km from San Salvador (province capital), 42km from Humahuaca, 212km from La Quiaca and 1685km from Capital Federal

Transporting services:
Long distances services with direct travels to Tilcara and main capitals:
Balut S.A (0388) 422-2134
Flecha Bus (0388) 424-2318